Sunday, 4 July 2010

July 2010 Thinking up

Since most of the main garden is in shade once the trees are in leaf (end May/June onwards), after a few years of mud instead of a lawn, I had that area paved. With no flowers in the borders, pots have had to do but nowI have been thinking up. The idea is a trellis for the plants to grow up and along the top in search of light.
2006 The trellis half up

2008 May
2nd year of the Clematis Montana. It heads due south so is doing best behind the trellis!
2009 I plant a second C.M. the near end of the trellis and hope it will head south and join the other one.

June 2010. At last, what looks like one Clematis Montana along the top of the trellis.

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